• Flying cars – probably just a rich mans toy
  • Getting a balance scooter in the UK ? – erm….
  • Spare plastic bags ? – make stuff from them !
  • Sơn Đoòng Cave – the biggest cave in the world
  • Short Animations – Death Sails

Is gaming becoming too realistic?

For those of us old enough to remember the birth of proper games (and by that I mean the Spectrum/C64/Atari ST/Amiga – oh yes, im looking at you), we’ve all seen how the face of gaming has changed. Wind the clock back to those days of playing with tapes – I still have memories of the Spectrum speed loader not working because the volume on the tape player wasn’t correct…

Flying cars

Flying cars – probably just a rich mans toy

Flying cars. Two words that sometime ago would never even enter someone’s head as a possibility or be the ravings of a lunatic. But possible it is – ish. But rather than try and achieve this “dream” of being able to drive one minute and then fly the next, for me, the real issue is won’t they just be a toy for the elite? The end result of this flying car…


Getting a balance scooter in the UK ? – erm….

Well if you do live in the UK and are getting or have bought a balance scooter then you might be interested to know that they are illegal. Yep, illegal. OK a “slight” exaggeration but it is true that in the UK you cannot ride them in a public place – so the sidewalks and roads are off limits and if a cop decides to enforce a fine, a fine…


Why are the keys on a keyboard where they are?

Why are the keys on a keyboard where they are ? You type on it everyday (almost, well, depends what you do with your time I suppose) but in any event, the modern QWERTY keyboard as it’s known didn’t start out life the way you see it today. The original device, made by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868, consisted of a keyboard/rod assembly that bashed letters onto paper (through an…


Spare plastic bags ? – make stuff from them !

So, like most of us you’ve probably got a good bunch of spare plastic bags lying around. Rather than through them away, you could try and reuse them for well, carrying things but what about this for a twist – make stuff from them! Yep, get that plastic mass out of its hiding place and get some inspiration from the following 6 ideas on what to do with them all…


Ooh betty… the police aren’t amused

What do you do if you get your hands on a police radio? – one lad managed to do just that and for 2 days kept blasting out his own version of the character Frank Spencer, from the UK’s 70’s comedy show Some Mothers Do Ave Em – saying “Ooh Betty!”. The police weren’t amused and managed to get him eventually.


Sơn Đoòng Cave – the biggest cave in the world

This should probably feature on your visit list really. Sơn Đoòng Cave is the biggest cave on the planet – so big in fact that it has its only jungle, river and climate! You can’t comprehend just how huge this place is – stalagmites that are 70 m tall, multiple “chambers” – the largest of which is, get this, you ready…. 200 metres high, 150 metres wide and…. 3.1 miles…


Short Animations – Death Sails

This is Death Sails by Dmitri Voloshin and if you like short animations this is pretty good. In short, Death has come to a shipwrecked sailor to claim his soul but finds he has to play a little waiting game. After a moment and realising he’s a little bored, Death decides to pass the time.. It’s a cracking little CGI short and funny as well – win all round really….


Luna Moon lamp – just the coolest thing out there

Yep it’s the Luna Moon lamp – you might just want one of these things.  It started as a indiegogo project and has now taken off so these things are running out fast… Most people have lamps in their houses – but this is taking things to a WHOLE new level of cool.  LED (or Halogen) powered its made from fibreglass and latex and is is designed for indoor and…